Last update: 11-14-2013 (v.18)

This game is updated almost once a week. Hoping to go from flyable to playable sometime within the next month or so. Check in to see the progress.

Changes for (v.18)

Improved AI for all roles (Bots turn more efficently). 11-14-2013

Changes for (v.17)

Improved AI for all roles. 10-28-2013

Changes for (v.16)

Arena is larger, you can no longer score points by attacking deactivated units, an additonal bot role has been added (hunter - wanders and attacks nearby enemy drones). 10-22-2013

Changes for (v.15)

The bots now take on two different roles (offense and defense). You can no longer have negative health. 10-18-2013

Changes for (v.14)

Added full screen capability. However, not all the controls work in fullscreen mode at this time. The directional controls and the space bar (for shooting left) still function. You can press escape to exit full screen mode. 9-23-2013